Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay Is Still the UK’s Supreme Car Collector

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The UK is famed for some rather prolific car collectors, though it’s safe to say that the supreme leader remains none other than Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame. Love him or loathe him, he’s one of a unique breed of car collectors that not only has the money to buy pretty much anything he wants, but also the good taste to pick up only the most genuinely desirable example of automotive excellence from all over the world.

Of course, he’s constantly swapping and changing a fair few of his rides, but as far as his permanent collection goes there are so many iconic models he’ll never be getting rid of…regardless of how much he’d rake in!

Jay Kay’s Permanent Collection

For example, the Mercedes SLS is considered to be one of the most exceptional supercars to hit the market in decades and Jay Kay way one of the first in the UK to take one home. Its gullwing doors are of course its most iconic trait, but there’s a plenty to be said for its V8 6.2-litre lump as well.


For sheer muscle-car prowess without the need to buy America, there aren’t many cars that fit the bill quite like the gorgeous Aston Martin V8 Vantage. He picked his up in 2009 and apparently has no intention of trading it anytime soon.

 aston martin v8

The Mercedes G Class – aka the G Wagon – is one of those weird examples of a car becoming an absolute icon for upper-class circles despite being the absolute opposite to the usual recipe. It’s more of a utility wagon at its heart, yet it became so hip over recent years that the Germans behind it have once again started selling it in the UK. Jay Kay has one, but of course he bought his in 2009 before they were once again considered the coolest of the cool.

Jay Kay is one of few UK motorists to have hung onto his first ever car, which wasn’t exactly in the same league as the clapped out old bangers most of us had to contend with. Instead, he bought himself a stunning BMW 1602 with just 15,000 miles on the clock…alright for some, isn’t it?

Right at the other end of spectrum, Jay Kay is unsurprisingly a very proud owner of a Ferrari Enzo – the track-focused V12 hypercar the Italian luxury carmaker produced to the tune of 400 units only. At the time of launch they cost £450,000 – now you simply cannot buy one for love nor money.

 ferarry enzo

If his Enzo looks familiar, you might recall a certain well-publicized incident back in 2009 when his beloved Ferrari was vandalized by a chef outside a Suffolk hotel.

Other permanent entries to Jay Kay’s collection include an Audi C5 RS6 with 444bhp, a Ferrari 360 Spider and a truly stunning classic Aston Martin DB5.


However, perhaps the standout example of all is his mint-condition Ferrari F40, which is undoubtedly the most iconic supercar of the 80s and once again simply cannot be bought today without a painful hunt and an even more painful outlay.