Harry Styles’ Growing List of Luxury Rides

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Harry Styles – it’s a name that generates all manner of different emotional reactions depending on who you say it to. Some have nothing but respect for the One Direction heartthrob, while other see him as little more than an overpaid and rather annoying manboy. And then of course there are the tens of millions of screaming girls that would marry him as soon as lay eyes on him – the girls that are responsible for his fame and fortune.

But say what you want about the boyband lothario, he’s certainly got decent enough taste when it comes to cars. All too often when a lad of any age experiences a meteoric rise to fame in no time at all, they run afoul of every supercar cliché on the face of the Earth. With Styles though, style has indeed proven to be a pretty important deciding factor in all of his car buys to date – even the most hard-lined petrol-head wouldn’t argue that plenty of his rides are in a class of their own.

For example, the latest drool-worthy car Mr. Styles has been spotted in was a classic Porsche 911, which just so happens to be the property of one Harold Tillman. It’s a pretty rare edition 911 Targa from the mid-90s in the kind of condition that’s almost painfully perfect and features the glass roof that only rolled off the production lines for a brief spell between 1996 and 1998.

He’s also managed to clearly communicate his interest in genuine cult classic vehicles that to so many go above and beyond even the most expensive supercars on Earth. For example, he was recently spotted on his way to the recording studio at the wheel of a 1970s Ford Capri – a car that made a huge name for itself at the time and has as of late once again become something of a darling for distinguished collectors. And now he’s been seen driving one, chances are the value of a fair few Capris still doing the rounds will benefit as a result.


Of course, with such an epic and ever-increasing bank balance it was never likely that Mr. Styles was going to ignore the supercar segment altogether. Case in point being his purchase of an Audi R8, which is considered by many to be a somewhat more sophisticated alternative to its closest rivals, which include the Ferrari 458 and the Porsche 911. In any case, chances are it didn’t cost him any less than about £100,000.


Just a few months after passing his driving test, Mr. Styles was spotted in what could arguably be considered the most beautiful car in the history of history – the iconic E-Type Jaguar.


Slightly less refined and sophisticated however was his choice of Ferraris – he went for the convertible California which although an outright work of art is still about as show-offy and brash as it gets. Still, it’s a rite of passage for any new millionaire to invest in a Ferrari and given his existing list of quite painfully beautiful classics, you can’t blame the lad for having a bit of fun with Italy’s finest.