10 Of The Biggest Celebrity Car Collectors

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One aspect of celebrities which has always made the headlines over the years is the car collections they are in possession of. While the media might have labelled it to be extravagant, there is no doubt that these people just don’t want to compromise their comforts in any way. What you are about to discover are the top 10 biggest celebrity car collectors.

Reggie Jackson


His number one choice amongst the different brands has always been Chevrolet. Some of his most popular cars are Willys Steel Coupe (1941) and ZL1 COPO Camaro (1969). He loved Chevy models as his aim was to be in possession of the top engines made by this brand.

FunkMaster Flex
GTO Convertible 1969

He rose to fame by being a successful DJ. Some of the cars in his collection include GTO Convertible (1969), Impala SS 396 (1956), Torino GT (1971) and others. If you want to really discover firsthand the passion that he has for luxury cars, you will need to have his TV shows checked out.


T-Pain Chevy

One thing that has separated T-Pain from most car lovers is the fact that he has been able to have his favourite cars built to his taste. This means they are fully customised. Some of his most popular cars are Cadillac hearse, Chevy Impala (1969) and Chevy Impala (1972).

John Cena

John Cena Superbird

This popular American wrestler had a DVD released demonstrating his uncompromising love for luxury cars. Some of his notable cars are Plymouth Superbird (1970), Dodge Charger (1966), Ford Torino GT (1971) and Pontiac GTO Judge (1970).


Akon Lamborghini Gallardo

A man who doesn’t just go for luxury cars but also ensures that they are fully customised to meet his needs can only be admired. Akon is one man who ticks all the boxes in such regards. Some of his popular cars are Ferrari 458, Dartz Prombron SUV (armoured), Gallardo (Lamborghini), Murcielago (Lamborghini).

Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldbergs 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica

He loved cars that he started dreaming about them at a tender age. As soon as he started making some money, he had to go for those cars he had earlier dreamt of. Some of his most notable cars amongst his collection are: Boss 429 Mustang (1970), Shelby Cobra replica (1969) and Dodge 330 (1963).

Ralph Lauren

1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE

This name should really sound familiar because he has been there for decades doing what he knows how to do best outside being a famous independent designer since the year 1970. After becoming famous, he decided to get himself a Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 convertible (1971).

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dog Car Collection

Snoop Dogg has been living the fast life for decades. If there is a degree to be awarded to car lovers, he should be sitting atop the list. Amongst his collection include Buick Riviera (1969) and Pontiac Parisienne (1967 fully customised).

Wyclef Jean

McLaren F1
via SS Super Sports

He has over 37 cars in his garage and some of them have been built to his taste, all thanks to his wonderful talent. His most popular cars are McLaren F1 and Pagani Zonda (C12-S).

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq Superman

There are two reasons to customise a car. It is either because you have the money to do so or it is important you do it. Shaquille O’Neal is a guy who is big in size and this is the reason why most of his cars are customised to allow him to use them without any problem. His Cadillac Escalade (superman) is completely customised.  He also has other cars such as Lamborghini Gallardo (stretched), ForTwo convertible (smart) and others.