What Would It Actually Be Like to Fly the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars?

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The Millennium Falcon has gained a lot of love across the world. This is partly because it is from Star Wars and carried our favourite characters, and partly because people are in love with the idea of owning a ship like this themselves. Now, owning a ship like the Millennium Falcon is impossible, obviously. Nothing like it exists today. While we would love to give it a try, you simply cannot. What if, though, you had the opportunity to fly it? What if you had access to the Millennium Falcon and could ride through the stars with it, just as our heroes did in Star Wars?

There are a lot of things you would experience if you were to fly the Millennium Falcon. You would feel a mixture of excitement and fear. The reasons for excitement are obvious. Flying the Millennium Falcon is a big thing, and adrenaline would likely be pumping through you when you stepped into the cockpit. You would have a smile across your face and your heart would be beating as fast as the ship can go. Which is why you would also feel an immense amount of fear. The Millennium Falcon is unlike anything else in existence. Even if you have experience flying aircraft, you would not know what to expect from this extraordinary vehicle. It would leave you uncertain, confused and full of trepidation.

Harrison Ford made it look easy. As he flew through space, he knew what to do. He could maneuver the ship and even complete races at incredible times and speeds. You are not Harrison Ford, though, and, in our made-up little reality, this is not a movie. If you were to fly the Millennium Falcon, you would do so in real life, without the help of computer graphics. As such, you would have to learn the controls. This wouldn’t be easy. You’d also likely be overwhelmed by your surroundings – which would be unlike anything you’ve experienced while driving in the UK. Again, this ship is entirely different from others out there. Your ability to fly it, regardless of general flying experience, is low.

It would be fun to fly this type of ship, of course. Flying a massive ship through space, going wherever you want, sounds like a great idea. It would be entertaining, for the most part. If you can learn how to fly and handle the thing, you may enjoy yourself. You might get lost because of how fast this ship can go, but you will have fun in the process. Just make sure that you try not to recreate scenes from the Star Wars films, at least if you care about ending the flight in one piece.