Celebrity Cars – Footballer Favourites

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Unless it’s somehow escaped your attention, you might have realised that footballers tend to earn quite a bit of cash…understatement of the year. But it’s not all an easy life, as when you’ve got more money than you could possibly spend in a lifetime, how on Earth are you supposed to settle on one, two or ten cars?

There are just so many to choose from, so what’s a footballer to do?

Well, admittedly they tend to change their cars more often than most of us update our Facebook statuses, but a few months ago a study was carried out to look into which cars tend to top the lists for famous footballers.

…and here’s the unofficial top ten:

10 – Chevrolet Camaro

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Yes, the Camaro is a snip at around £40,000 and yes, it’s not a car commonly seen outside the US, but the fact that Chevrolet signed a big sponsorship deal with Manchester United might have had something to do with the quantity of them sold to footballers.

9 – Audi R8

The Audi R8 broke the mould for the brand in a big way, bringing Lamborghini performance together with an altogether more sophisticated look and feel. With a price well in excess of £100,000 for the upper-end models and 500BHP to play with, it’s little wonder the likes of David Silva fell for the R8.

8 – Lamborghini Gallardo

Over the top, show-offy and basically a slap in the face to anyone that can’t afford one – pretty much everything a supercar should be. And that’s of course why tons of them have been sold to the likes of Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Ashley Cole.

7 – Ferrari 458 Italia

More sophisticated than many of its closest supercar rivals, this Ferrari is more of a work of art than an automobile. It doesn’t come in much lower than £200,000 and proved too tempting to resist for the likes of Frank Lampard and a fair few others.

6 – Porsche Panamera

Don’t let the four doors fool you as the Porsche Panamera is still a beast in every sense of the word. John Terry and a bunch of other big name players fell for the charms of the Panamera, which in the case of the top-end versions is right up there in performance stakes with the 911.

5 – Bentley Continental GT

So popular it’s almost become cliché, especially in the world of the pro footballer. Still, it’s a gorgeous car to look at, a beast to drive and performs like nothing else out there. It’s almost not worth listing the players that drive the Bentley Continental GT as practically any Premier League star you can think of already has one…or a few.

4 – Aston Martin DB9

It’s almost impossible to think of a car more beautiful or iconic than the Aston Martin DB9 – sentiments apparently shared by the likes of El Hadji Diouf and more.

3 – Audi Q7

Cheap for a footballer and endlessly practical, the £60,000 Audi Q7 proved to be a real winner as a family runaround.

2 – Porsche Cayenne

Luxury SUVs are of course all the rage for Premier League stars and the Porsche Cayenne appears to have been given top marks by many. It’s again a bargain at around £60,000 and yet never fails to win over A-Listers.

1 – Range Rover Sport

You really should have been able to guess this one – the Range Rover Sport is bought by more footballers than any other car out there. Even with a comparatively mainstream price tag of £50,000 they apparently cannot resist its performance, comfort and pure practicality.