Usain Bolt’s Insane Car Collection – Fast Man, Faster Cars

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Usain Bolt shot (quite literally!) to fame when he became the undisputed fastest human being on the face of the Earth. As such, it’s hardly surprising that the man with a clear passion for speed also likes to keep things nice and nippy when it comes to the cars he drives.

Not that he’s always managed to get to his destination with the car still in one piece, but we’ll get to that later.

Bolt’s the kind of guy who for all intents and purposes has his pick of the crop when it comes to choosing his cars. Recently, the guy’s net worth was estimated at around the $30 million mark and it’s only likely to increase massively over the coming years. In fact, he raked in more than $20 million last year alone and is only just getting started with some of his most important sponsorship deals. From Virgin to Puma to Gatorade and so many more, everyone wants a piece of Mr. Bolt and it’s working wonders for his garage!

His car collection is growing almost as fast as his bank account – it’s estimated that if he doesn’t slow down (no pun intended) before the 2016 Olympics, by that time he’ll be worth well over $100 million.

A shining example to the world’s young…if only as evidence that hard work and dedication can get you any and every car you’ve ever dreamed of!

And so it’s onto his cars, which follow a suitably predictable theme of being loud, proud and supremely fast…a bit like their driver!

Usain made it clear pretty quickly that he’s got an affinity for Ferraris…much like about the 99.9% of us that can’t afford one. As such, he’s invested in a pretty large collection over the last few years, including a custom Ferrari California convertible that set him back about $190,000. He also took a shine to the Ferrari 458 Italia, so much so that he decided to buy not just one of the things, but a whole handful!

ferrari f30 spider

Well, why not?

He’s been snapped more than a few times in his Ferrari F30 Spider, which seems to have become one of his favourites.


As for an everyday run-around, it’s nice to see that he’s not totally tied to Ferrari as the Boltster drives a customized BMW M3 as what he calls his ‘everyday’ ride. And you have to hand it to him for his commitment to what he likes, as his luck with BMWs hasn’t been spotless to say the least.

 bmw m3 2

Back in 2009, he managed to flip his BMW M3 over while out and about in his native Jamaica, though somehow walked away from the wreck unhurt. And then just prior to the start of the 2012 Olympics, he smashed up yet another BMW and once again managed to walk away with little more than a bruised ego!

Maybe he’ll eventually try using a different run-around – he did after all just take home a $100,999 custom Nissan GT-R for signing yet another sponsorship deal with the Japanesecar giant.