What the Stars Pay to Insure Their Cars – Ouch

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Car insurance – is there any expense in life that’s quite as annoying to cover? We don’t want it, we pray we’ll never need it and 90% of us never will, yet we have no choice but to shell out huge sums of cash each and every year or face the brunt of the law.

Of course, when and where needed car insurance is a life-saver so there’s no disputing its value. Still, it would be great if it was free…or at least a hell of a lot cheaper than it is today.

It could be worse though – most of us would love to own and drive the same kinds of cars as the Hollywood star we envy so much, but have you ever spared a thought for how much the insurance would cost? Admittedly most of those concerned are hardly living paycheck to paycheck, but at the same time it can’t be fun to hand over the kind of money they’re asked for.

Celebs swap and change their cars so much that there’s a good chance this will all be outdated by the time you read it, but just to give you an idea of what it costs to keep the average A-Lister moving, here’s a quick look at a few of the insurance bills of a few famous faces:

Kobe Bryant

When not in the depths of some kind of controversy or another, basketball icon Kobe Bryant can often be seen flying around in a Ferrari 458 Italia. With a purchase price of about $230,000 and more power than a handful of Gods all put together, it’s not surprising that his insurance bill for the thing topped $5,500 a year…ouch!


Jerry Seinfeld

Rumour has it that Jerry Seinfeld’s car collection is so large he ended up having to rent out a massive hanger at an airfield just to house the things. Whether or not it’s true we might never know, but we do know that he’s a big fan of his $500,000 Porsche 595 and that it costs him nearly $6,000 per year to keep it on the road…at least legally.


Kanye West

Another name that’s never far from controversy is of course Mr. Kanye West, who in his typically understated style likes to be seen cruising in his custom Lamborghini Aventador. With a purchase price of $370,000…assuming of course you can find one of the things for sale…you’ll also be looking at an annual insurance premium not far from $10,000.


Leonardo DiCaprio

What would you expect Mr. Titanic to drive – a Ferrari? Maybe a Lambo? Bugatti Veyron? Not even close – he’s one of the Toyota Prius set that’s proud to drive a hybrid with a price not much higher than $20,000. And for this kind gesture to the environment, his reward is an insurance premium of about $1,300.


Conan O’Brien

And finally, you’d expect that Conan O’Brien would just have to go one better and indeed he has/does. He’s the proud owner of a pretty ‘rustic’ Ford Taurus from 1992, which costs him no more than about $700 to keep on the road.