Leopard Print Audi R8 – It Could Only be Bieber

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He’s Canada’s least proud though most welcome export of all time – Justin Beiber was lumped on the US quite some time ago and it seems there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Even a White House petition that chalked up over a million signatures begging for the deportation of the little terror fell on deaf ears/eyes. He’s become the face America loves to hate and while he’s hardly making a name for himself in sophisticated social circles, he does at least keep tabloid headline makers nice and busy.

He’s also made a bit of a name for himself among the world’s petrol-head community – sometimes for positive reasons and other times as something of an antichrist. Because let’s be honest – if you or I had a spare £130,000 lying around with no real use for it whatsoever, the first thing on all of our minds would lf course be to invest in an Audi R8 and then have the thing customized with a vile leopard print paint job, right?

Yes…of course.

The problem with Justin Bieber is of course that he’s just too rich and too powerful to know where any sensible limits of sanity actually lie. For most of us, deciding which brand of corn flakes to buy is about as far as our financial freedom goes – Bieber on the other hand sees cars a bit like Lego. To him, a supercar like the R8 is just a toy to be played with and to hell with good taste – it’s enough to make your head explode with a combination of rage and undeniable jealousy.

But aside from this abomination, what else does Mr. Brat-features have in his collection?

Well, first of all it’s worth paying a nod to his iconic silver plated Fisker Karma. Whether or not you could call the thing tasteful or even attractive is debatable, but it’s about as head-turning as it gets and also happened to be nice and green…as in it’s an electric car. And it’s not as if you can blame Bieber for going out and ordering such a weird creation – it was actually a gift given to home by his manager.


Sort of puts the average Christmas bonus a bit to shame!

Another decidedly weird entry to Bieber’s car collection is his Smart car.  Of course, it’s anything but a standard off-the-shelf model and there’s really nothing normal about it. Instead, it’s a Brabus-tuned beast of a thing with an interesting matt paint job.

swag car

Matt black is clearly up Bieber’s street as he also owns a custom Range Rover that was given to him on his 17th birthday by Usher…nice!

And while there’s little photo evidence to go on, he’s also said to own a Cadillac that’s been modified and themed around the Batmobile and a Ferrari F30.


Last but not least, he also took delivery of a bog standard Mercedes Sprinter van, though that’s apparently used for simple logistics when moving his veritable Aladdin’s Cave of weird and wonderful stuff around.