The Cars of Cowell – Simon’s Garage Has Serious X Factor

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Well it’s not as if you were ever going to expect Mr. Simon Cowell to drive around in an old banger, was it?

The funny thing about Simon Cowell and his cars is the way in which most of us are only ever used to seeing the music mogul arriving by chauffer-driven Maybach to all manner of events and TV shows. Actually seeing him driving the car…any car…is much more of a rarity, though when he does get behind the wheel, he of course does so in style. Big time!

So with all the money, fame and general smugness the world has to offer, what kind of car ticks all the right boxes for Mr. X Factor? Has he gone all sensible since the birth of his first child, or is he still all about revelling in being the world’s most famous and feared media baron?

Well, his recent appearance on Top Gear pretty much solidified has status as a true petrol-head. In fact, he liked the Eagle Speedster he tried out on the show so much that he decided to splash out a bit of his pocket change on one of his own shortly afterwards. The car is something of an OTT Jaguar E-type recreation which set Cowell back a hefty £650,000, though chances are this won’t have put much of a dent in his weekly budget.

“I think this may be the most beautiful car in the world,” he beamed via his Twitter account shortly after taking home the latest addition to his toy collection.

“It’s made by Eagle. Thank you Henry, Paul and the team.”

It was big news at the time and the endorsement of TV’s Mr. Nasty of course worked wonders for the folks responsible for building the thing. As such, they took the opportunity to speak with the Daily Mail and go a little deeper into Simon’s purchase.

 “Simon got in touch after seeing it on Top Gear,” said Eagle technical director Paul Brace.

“It is one of three, is hand built and we’re delighted Simon has the car. He was over the moon when he saw it and we’re looking forward to delivering it to him in the US where he can enjoy it in the sunshine.”

Of course, the fact that it’s destined to live its life over in America rather than in its native UK hasn’t gone down too well with everyone, but what can you do?

As for Cowell’s other car buys, he’s developed a bit of a reputation for having a rather short attention span and getting bored with ‘flavour of the month’ toys a bit too quick. For example, he bought his Eagle mere months after he decided to get rid of the Bugatti Veyron he famously purchased prior. It cost him around £1 million and suited his California lifestyle to a tee, but for one reason or another he only drove the thing twice and then sold it for £828,000.


That’s a loss of £172,000 for just two drives, which to most would be quite painful.